Blue Week



Diplomacy Course

The Diplomacy course is a two-day training seminar designed to introduce students to the world of diplomacy, negotiation, and bargaining. The programme is designed to assist interested students in understanding how negotiations take place, the techniques they can use to produce the most efficient outcome, and the context in which such skills are essential. Seasoned diplomats, negotiators and members of society with insight into the world of diplomacy will be sharing their insight and experiences with students over the two days.


Schools MUN

The South African School’s MUN is hosted annually by UNASA-UCT and includes high schools from all over the Western Cape region and particularly Cape Town. After undergoing training, volunteering UCT students serve as tutors for the different high school teams. In September, all the teams gather at the Western Cape Provincial Parliament to compete.



This is the university’s Model United Nations which is organized annually and usually held in September. This conference brings together youths from several universities in South Africa to engage in discussions in order to bring about solutions to global problems. Students represent countries, and contribute to discussions whilst speaking as the diplomat of the country they have chosen.