action/2015 campaign

UNASA is a partner organisation of the Action/2015 campaign. Action/2015 is a coalition of over 1600 organisations around the world who are working together to put pressure on world leaders and to make 2015 a year of action and change. In 2015, world leaders will be meeting at key summits (such as the UN climate talk in December, and the UN sustainable development conference in September) to set goals that will affect how we address issues of poverty, inequality and climate change. UNASA is a leader in pushing the goals of Action/2015 in South Africa, and has prioritized getting young people involved in this global campaign for equality and justice.


Some of our Action/2015 events include:

1) A picketing with high school and Stellenbosch University students outside the World Economic Forum in June 2015
2) A panel discussion on youth and the UN's development agenda at the University of Pretoria chapter, where students discussed how decisions made at important global summits in 2015 would influence youth
3) UNASA university chapters raising awareness of the goals of the campaign


UNASA is leading the way in bringing action/2015's "I am" photo campaign to South Africa. This photo series allows individuals to share why this campaign is important to them and what social issue they are particularly concerned with. Each and every individual voice matters, and this photo campaign brings these voices to world leaders. Check the sidebar for our photo album.