Human Rights



The overarching objective of the Human Rights programme is to promote respect for human rights in South Africa, with a particular focus on bringing the voices of women and children to the UN. UNASA makes use of international human rights mechanisms, such as the Universal Periodic Review, to promote human rights standards and address human rights issues in South Africa.



1) To raise awareness of human rights and encourage advocacy among chapter members
2) To facilitate human rights projects through the national office and UNASA chapters for the chapter members and local communities
3) To build strong civil society partnerships to promote and protect human rights
4) To engage academia, civil society, and the media to advocate for and raise awareness of fundamental human rights



UNASA's projects are aimed at enhancing understanding and knowledge of human rights and fostering positive civil engagement and participation.

Human Rights Workshops
Poetry Workshops
Advocacy Workshops for UNASA Members
Universal Periodic Review