Overview of programme

Research conducted by South Africa sports scientists has shown that the physical fitness of children at school has deteriorated alarmingly over the past decades. The percentage of children participating in organised school sports has decreased by about 20% over the past 30 years, and is a cause of great concern.

To address this issue, UNASA has launched its Sport-in-a-Box (SPOX) programme for primary school children in the Western Cape. Our target is poor, disadvantaged township schools where organised sport is almost non-existent. SPOX uses youth coaches in soccer, netball, field hockey, rugby and cricket to re-introduce organised sport in poor township schools where it has been neglected.

SPOX coaches use a Step-by-Step Resource Guide to teach their pupils about the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), physical fitness and good nutrition as they conduct coaching sessions.


Our current work

By 2014, UNASA had introduced SPOX in about 50 schools and has collaborated with Life Orientation teachers to integrate SPOX into their classroom teaching. Many townships teachers struggle to teach the sport, health and fitness component of the course, which makes up about 25% of the Life Orientation curriculum, and SPOX provides a practical way for teachers to enhance their teaching.